What Is DBA?

Federally mandated workers compensation for any U.S. Government contractor(s) working outside the continental United States. Defense Base Act insurance provides coverage for work related injuries, disabilities, dismemberments, and it also provides life benefits to spouses and dependents in the event of an untimely death. Read More

Who Needs DBA?

Any contractor that is awarded a U.S. government contract which requires them to perform employment activities outside the continental U.S. must secure Defense Base Act insurance. This includes but is not limited to public works contracts, higher education, international development, humanitarian relief, construction and service contracts related to military activities, global security, and our national defense. Read More

What If I don’t Have DBA?

There are significant consequences for any government contractor that does not secure Defense Base Act insurance. Penalties, fines, loss of contract(s) and even imprisonment can be imposed on employers that fail to obtain this federally mandated coverage. There is no statute of limitations, so the executive management and ownership of the company could indefinitely be liable for any work related injuries sustained by an employee when DBA is required. Read More